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Ultrasonic Thickness Testers and Gauges

Thickness Testers

Part No:  TM801F

0 - 1,000um, 0 40mil, Resolution: 0.1um,0.1mil. Non-Magnetic coating on Ferromagetic Base, OR Coating on Non-Ferromagnetic Base, OR 2 in 1 Combination

R 3,950.00 Excl VAT on Special

T + M®

T+M Ultrasonic Thickness tester

                 MiniTest Coating Thickness            

Coating Thickness Measurements on Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials with accurate and repeatable results with the use of new technology with Digital Precision.

ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness tester

QuintSonic 7. Up to 5 Layer Ultrasonic Thickness Tester for paints, Plastics, Metal, Wood, Glass, Ceramics, also GRP and CRP components. 10um(micrometers) to 7mm.

ElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness Tester

                 Coating Thickness Gauge

Measure most Electroplated Coating/ Base Combinations and also suitable for extremely thin coatings of 0.05 microns.

ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness tester

Low Cost but accurate Measurement of Paint thicknesses on steel using the magnetic Attraction Principle, for quick go / no go Quality Assessment.

ElektroPhysik Paint Thckness Tester

Precision Ultrasonic Micrometer with Dual Element Transducer measuring Various Materials from 0.63 to 500 mm ( 0.025 - 19.99 inches), with Data Logger.

ElektroPhysik Pecision Ultrasonic Micrometer
T+M Ultrasonic Thickness testerElektroPhysik Coating Thickness testerElektroPhysik Coating Thickness testerElektroPhysik Paint Thckness TesterElektroPhysik Pecision Ultrasonic Micrometer

On Ultrasonic Instruments.

Ultrasonic instruments use beams of high frequency, short wave signals to inspect, monitor, and measure materials and components. Ultrasonic energy is introduced into tested materials or components and then retrieved for subsequent analysis. There are several basic types of ultrasonic instruments. Acoustic emissions instruments and fault detectors are used to monitor conditions in a variety of mechanical, electrical and process systems. When a break or deformation occurs, highly-sensitive acoustic emission sensors detect the high frequency bursts emitted during the event. Problems such as electrical shorting, corona discharging and arcing also produce detectable ultrasonic signals. Acoustic emissions instruments are often used to determine the structural adequacy of steam traps, pipes, valves, tanks, and pressure vessels. Fault detectors are used to inspect bearings, gearboxes or other rotating machinery for changes due to wear or load. Other types of ultrasonic instruments include thickness gauges, flaw detectors, corrosion instruments, leak detectors, and material condition testers. Leak detectors are used to detect holes and cracks, defective seals, channel leaks, contaminated materials, or missing closures. Material condition testers are used to evaluate materials properties or conditions such as hardness, residual stress, strength, elasticity or density. 

Most ultrasonic instruments consist of a non-contact focusing probe and integral meter. Form factors, mounting styles, and optional features are important specifications to consider. Some devices are designed to sit atop a bench or desktop. Others are designed to be mounted in a rack or cabinet. Printed circuit boards (PCB) that contain ultrasonic instruments attach to enclosures or plug directly into computer backplanes. Complete monitoring systems are used for the continuous measurement of flaws, thickness, or corrosion. Portable, hand held, and mobile products are also available. In terms of features, ultrasonic instruments include sorting gates or sound an alarm if a reading is outside of an acceptable range of values. Handheld or portable devices often provide data logging capabilities and can be interfaced to a computer or other electronic device. The maximum number of channel or probes is an additional consideration when selecting ultrasonic instruments. Specialized products are used for specific applications such as pipeline monitoring and aircraft component inspection.  

Notes on Thickness Gauges.

Thickness gauges are used to make precise dimensional cross section measurements on a wide variety of coatings and materials including steel, plastic, glass, rubber, ceramics, paint, electroplated layers, enamels, pavement, multi-layer deposits, etc.  There are many mechanical, nondestructive and destructive techniques available to accomplish this task: IR or nuclear gauges, eddy current, magnetic particle, laser, ultrasonic, coulometric, and X-ray, are only a few of the many techniques.

Beta, IR or nuclear gauge testing involves the absorption of x-ray, infrared or Beta particle radiation to measure the thickness of materials or coatings.  On nonmetallic materials such as paper or plastic films or webs, radiation is transmitted through the material and a radiation or Geiger-Muller detector is located on the other side to measure radiation levels.  On coated metallic materials, the radiation or Geiger-Muller detector is located on the same side and backscattered radiation is measured.

Coulometric instruments use an electrochemical process to etch away a plated or metallic layer at a predetermined rate.  The amount of time to remove the plated layer provides an indication of coating thickness.  Coulometric measurement is a destructive technique.

Eddy current, penetrating radar and other electromagnetic thickness gauge techniques are used to detect or measure flaws, bond or weld integrity, thickness, electrical conductivity, coating thickness, detect the presence of rebar or metals.  Eddy current is the most widely applied electromagnetic NDT technique.  The eddy current method is also useful in sorting alloys and verifying heat treatment.  Eddy current thickness gauges use an electromagnet to induce an eddy current in a conductive sample.  The response of the material to the induced current is sensed.  Since the probe does not have to contact the work surface, eddy current testing is useful on rough surfaces or surfaces with wet films or coatings.

Laser thickness gauges include methods such as laser shearography, magneto-optical, holographic interferometry or other optical techniques to detect flaws, residual stress or measure thickness.

Magnetic particle or current flow uses an external magnet magnetizes the part.  Magnetic poles created at flaws, cracks or other discontinuities attract magnetic particles.  The magnetic particles are fine iron oxide particles (0.125 to 60 microns) with a high permeability (easily magnetized) and low retentivity (ability to stay magnetized).  Three methods are typically applied: dry non fluorescent, wet non fluorescent and wet fluorescent.

Mechanical gauges physically contact a sample to measure thickness using a gap and/or comparison to a known dimensional standard or master.  Micrometers and calipers are common types of mechanical gauges used for dimensional gauging. 

Ultrasonic instruments use beams of high frequency acoustic energy that are introduced into the material and subsequently retrieved. Thickness or distance calculations are based on the speed of sound through the material being evaluated.  The most widely used of all UT techniques is the pulse-echo technique. 

Thickness gauges using penetrating X-rays or gamma rays to capture images of the internal structure or a part or finished product.  The density and composition of the internal features will alter the intensity or density of these features in the X-ray image.  Densitometers are used to quantify the density variations in the X-ray image.  Penetrameters or other X-ray thickness gauge references are located with the part during imaging for sizing of internal cracks, pores, defects or other features.

Test and Measurement Instruments C.C.T+M Instruments

TT900 (Now: 2430)

Thickness Tester, Dual Mode. Both Echo-Echo and Straight Transducer. Range: 0.5mm to 508mm. Can measure HDPE Plastic. Dustproof.

Time Group

TT900 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TT900 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part No:  TT700

Thickness Tester, Dual Mode. For Thin Materials. Sound Velocity Testing and Single Point Calibration. Measures in mm/Inch. Data Storage, Data Output.

Time Group

TT700 Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TT700 Ultrasonic Thickness TesterT+M Ultrasonic Thickness testerTT700 Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT700 Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT900 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT900 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness TesterElektroPhysik Coating Thickness testerElektroPhysik Coating Thickness testerElektroPhysik Paint Thckness TesterElektroPhysik Pecision Ultrasonic Micrometer

Standard Velocity in Materials which may change.


Acrylic Resin

Aluminium Oxide  



Cast Iron                                 





Epoxy Resin                           






Paraffin Wax                           








Plexi Glass                              







Rubber (butyl)                        

Rubber (soft)                          

Rubber (vulcanised)             

Silicone Rubber                        


Steel, mild                               

Steel, low carbon                   

Steel, stainless                       




Tungsten Carbon                   




Water (at 20°C)                      
















































TT300A (Now: 2130)

Thickness Tester, 1,25 -  225.00 mm. Auto Zero Cal. Upper and Lower alarm settings.500 Memory readings. Two point calibration for higher accuracy. RS232

Time Group

TT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part No:  TT211

Coating Thickness Tester, 0 -  1250um or 51.2 mils. for non Ferrous coat on Ferrous base. Easy Zero calibration. High speed data collection.

Time Group

Time Electronics TT211 Paint Thickness Tester
Time Electronics TT211 Paint Thickness TesterTime Electronics TT211 Paint Thickness TesterTime Electronics TT211 Paint Thickness Tester

TIME 2110   (TT100)

TIME Group

TIME 2110 (TT100) Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TIME 2110 (TT100) Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTIME 2110 (TT100) Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part No:  TT210

Coating Thickness Tester, 0 -  1250um for  Non Ferrous coat on both Ferrous Non Ferrous base. 500Data Storage. RS232 Data output to optional Printer.

Time Group

TT210 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TT210 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT210 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT210 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

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Ultrasonic Thickness Testers & Gauges

T + M ®

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T.M.I.T+M Products

T + M ®


Thickness Tester, 0.75 - 225.00 mm. with Backlght (0.1mm Res), Depending on Probe. Metalic and Non Metalic materials. Self Compensating. Optional Frequencies.

T + M ®

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Part No:  AC110A

Coating Thickness Tester. 1-1250um Reading , Resolution - 0.1um . For Ferrous and Non Ferrous Base. Min measurement area -  6mm. USB/ Bluetooth Optional

Price on Request.

T + M®

T+M AC-110A Coating Thickness Tester.T+M AC-110A Coating Thickness Tester.AC-110A Coating Thickness Tester.

Part No:  AT140B

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester. 1 - 300mm Reading , Resolution - 0.01um Min. Auto or Manual Shutdown. Auto Memory for material. USB/ Bluetooth Optional.

Price on Request.

T + M®

T+M AT-140B Ultrasonic Thickness TesterT+M AT-140B Ultrasonic Thickness Tester. amittariAT-140B Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part :   EHC-09A

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester. Used with DC250  Ultrasonic Probe to measure HDPE Plastic. Upgradable for a fee for Echo to Echo, B-Scan for cross section view.


Danatronics EHC-09A Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
Danatronics EHC-09A Ultrasonic Thickness TesterDanatronics EHC-09A Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part No:  TT130

Thickness Tester, 0,8 -  225.00 mm. with 0.01mm Res. Portable, for Metalic and Non Metalic materials. Self Compensating. Frequencies 2.5MHz, 5MHz and 7MHz.

Time Group

TT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
TT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTT130 Time Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTest and Measurement Instruments Africa.

Made in USA

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ElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness Tester
30th anniversay of Test and Measurement Instruments c.c.

Basic to Echo-Echo Ultrasonic Thickness for Testing through a coating. Can Measure HDPE with Low Freq Probe. 1000 groups of 1000  via USB to PC. 3 Models.

T + M®

T+M UPad X Series Ultrasonic Thickness Tester
T+M UPad X Series Ultrasonic Thickness Tester Solid NDTT+M UPad X Series Ultrasonic Thickness TesterTIME 2110 (TT100) Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Part No:  TM770 FN

T+M TM770 FN Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester.

Coating Thickness Tester, 0 - 1300 um. For Metalic & Non Metalic  base materials. Stores 80 Readings. Multipoint Calibration. USB Interface. Min/Max/Mean etc.

T+M TM770 FN Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester

TIME Group

TIME - 2511 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester
TIME - 2511 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness TesterTIME - 2511 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester

TIME Coating Thickness Tester, 0 -  1250um. For non Ferrous coat on Ferrous base. Easy Zero calibration. 3 x Adjustable Resolutions. High speed data collection.


TIME - 2511 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness TesterT+M TM770 FN Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester. Wellzion

T + M®

T+M Instruments Lutron InstrumentEZ Digital Fluke Instrument Time Group High Time TechnologyFlir Infrared ThermometryITC Training Centre Thermography CoursesElektroPhysik
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Part :   MTG-99

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester. All Non-Ferrous Materials from 0.02 to 25mm with access from both sides. Vibrate on alarm.  Datalogger Interface to Excel. SD memory Card.


Danatronics MTG-99 Hall Effect NDT Thickness Gauge.
Danatronics MTG-99 Hall Effect NDT Thickness Gauge.

Made in USA

Danatronics MTG-99 Hall Effect NDT Thickness Gauge.

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