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TMI, Established—1982

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Test and Measurement Instruments C.C. (TMI) have supplied quality branded  Test and Measurement Instruments from Johannesburg, South Africa for 25 years such as Fluke, Lutron, EZ Digital, T&M and more. Please scroll down for Instruments Selection.



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OscilloscopesOscilloscope Picture
Power Supplies
Function GeneratorsPower Supply PictureFunction Generator Picture
Frequency CountersFrequency Counter Picture

Product Range in Alphabetical Order

At Test and Measurement Instruments C.C. (TMI), we are fast becoming leaders in the fields of Test and Measurement Instruments along with Technical Educational Training Equipment offering best service and value at affordable prices. We are dedicated to supplying excellent test equipment, having been suppliers to our customers in excess of 25 years. Good trading partnerships have been established with our manufacturing suppliers over many years ensuring that our valued customers and equipment are cared for long after test instruments are supplied. We offer an extremely wide variety of instruments from many Test Instruments Trade Names and have also catalogued most products on our Detailed Instruments Products page. We have an in-house brand of quality affordable ’T + M’ Instruments Products, which is finding it’s place in the market at a fast pace, indicating highly acceptable pricing and features, and can be viewed here. A New Instruments Products page allows you to see exciting new additions to our very wide range of  test instruments. A Links page offers a  quick reference to associated companies, and if you are familiar with our site, Web Changes can easily be seen here avoiding unnecessary roaming. We invite you to get to know more About Us, and let us have your feedback on our Response Form. Have fun and browse around. Please advise us if you would like to receive regular updates on new equipment, and frequent special offers from our fabulous range of products. You can also email us from  various places on all pages on this site and from any Call for Pricing tag on all individual products. For easy navigation, please find a list of products on bottom left of pages.

MultimetersDigital Multimeter Logo
Colour Analysers
Conductivity / TDS Meters
Contact Tachometers
Current Bench Meters
Decade Boxes
Digital Verniers
Digital ScalesColour Analyser PictureConductivity Meter PictureContact Tachometer PictureCurrent Bench Type Meter PictureData Logger PictureDecade Boxe PictureDigital Vernier Caliper PictureDigital Scale Picture
Digital Multimeters
EMF Testers
Force Gauges
Frequency Counters
Earth Resitance testersDigital Multimeters, DMM's PictureEMF Tester PictureForce Gauge PictureFrequency Counter PictureEarth Resistance Tester Picture
GSM Controllers
Gas Leakage Detectors
Humidity Testers
Inductance Decade Boxes
Infrared Thermometers
InvertersGSM Controller PictureGas Leak Detector PictureHumidity Meter PictureInductance Decade Box PictureInfrared Thermometer PictureInverter Picture
Insulation Tester
LAN Cable Tester
LCR Meters
Logic Probe / Pulsers
MicrometersThermometerLAN Cable Tester PictureLCR Meter PictureManometer PictureMicrometer PictureLogic Probes & Pulser Picture
Oxygen Meters
Panel MetersMilliohm Meter PictureMultimeters, DMM PictureORP Meter PictureOscilloscope PictureOxygen Meter PicturePanel Meter Picture
Pen Type Testers
pH Meters and Probes
Photo Tachometers
Power Clamp Meters
Power Supplies
Pressure / Vacuum Meters
3 Pahse Rotation MeterspH Meter and Probe PicturePhoto Tachometer PicturePower Supply PicturePressure & Vacuum Meter Picture3 Phase Rotation Meter PicturePen Type Tester Picture
Oscilloscope Probes
Programmable DC Loads
Proximity Sensors
Pure Water Testers
RF Generators
Resistance Decade BoxesOscilloscope Probe PictureProgrammable DC Load PictureProximity Sensor PictureRF Generator PictureResistance Decade Box Picture
Roughness Testers
Salt Meters
Digital Scales
Soil Moisture Meters
Soil pH Meters
Sound Level MetersRheostat PictureSalt Meter PictureDigital Scale PictureSoil Moisture Meter PictureSoftware PictureSound Level Meter Picture
Spectrum Analysers
Student Bench Meters
SWR / RF Power Meters
Thickness TestersSpectrum Analyser PictureSimulator PictureStroboscope PictureStudent Bench Meter PictureSWR & RF Power Meter PictureTachometer PictureThermometer PictureThickness Tester Picture
Torque Meters
Torque Wrenches
Turbidity Meters
U V Light Meters
Vacuum Meters
Variable Transformers
Vernier MicrophonesTorque Wrench PictureTorque Meter PictureTurbidity Meter PictureUV Light Meter PictureVacuum Meter PictureVernier Calipers & Micrometer Picture
Vibration Meters
Watt Meters
Water Testers
Vacuum / Pressure Meters
Voltmeters Bench TypeVibration Meter PictureWatt Meter PictureWater Tester PictureVacuum & Pressure Meter PictureBench Type Voltmeter Picture
Audio Generators
BarometersAnemometer Picture
Automotive Meters
Signal GeneratorsAM & FM Signal Generator PictureAudio Generator PictureBalances and Scale Picture
Bench DMM's
Cable Testers
Capacitance Meters
Carbon Dioxide Meters
Clamp MetersCapacitance Meter PictureCarbon Dioxide Meter PictureAutomotive Tester PictureClamp Meter PictureCable Tester PictureBarometer PictureAccessory PictureTransmitter Picture
Educational System PicturePower Clamp Meter PictureSoil pH Meter PictureRoughness Tester Picture
BorescopePure Water Tester PictureInsulation Tester PictureEndoscope Video Scope Picture
Cable Height MetersCable Height Meter Picture
Green Hybrid PowerGreen Hybrid PowerGreen Hybrid Power
Leakage Clamp MetersAC Leakage Clamp Meter Picture
Combination MetersCombo 4 in 1 Anemometer / Humidity / Light / Thermometer Picture
Controllers / MonitorsControllers & Monitor Picture
Thermal Imagers
Miscellaneous Tar Thickness Tester Picture

Prices Too Good To Show

Bench Digital Multmeter Picture
Water Testing MetersTurbidity Meter Picture
Cable Fault LocatorCable Fault Locator Picture
Microwave LeakageEMF-810 Microwave leakage detector Picture
Field Strength MetersPromax Field Strength Meter TV Explorer HD Picture
High Voltage Testing HVPhasing Sticks Picture
Metal DetectorMT 6 Metal Detector Picture
Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorLutron Instruments CC-420 Current Calibrator
TV Satellite MetersPromax Field Strength Meter TV Explorer HD PictureTime TUD360 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Satellite MetersWS-6902 Satelite Finder Spectrum Analyser
Security and Protection
Distance MetersDistance Meter Picture
Alcohol Breath Tester
Function GeneratorFunction Generator PictureFLIR i3Flir HS-324 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Pictorial Showcase

Hardness TestersHardness Tester PicturePowerstat Variable Transformers
Eye TrackerMobile Eye-XG
AdaptorsAdaptor Picture
AdaptorsT365 FLIR Infrared Camera
AdaptorsT365 FLIR Infrared Camera

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Power AnalysersPower Analyser Picture
Pressure Transducers
RCCB TestersPressure Transducer PictureRCCB Tester Picture
Lux MetersLight Lux Meter Picture
Pattern GeneratorsMoisture Meter PicturePattern Generator PictureIntoximeters Breath Alcohol Testers

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