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TMI, Established—1982

TMI Tester

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Integrated Mirror-Gloss Measurement. Small pocket size Calibration with only one standard. Can be used on any surface including metallic surfaces.

Gloss MeasurementElektroPhysik

Thickness gauge for asphalt, slag and concrete materials up to 40cm, (80 cm with special probe). Repeatable measurements with complete printouts.

Road Tar Thickness TesterElektroPhysik ElekroPhysik Gloss MeasurementElektroPhysik Road Tar Layer Thickness Tester

                 Hardness Testing

Measures in Most Hardness :Rockwell C (HRC),

Rockwell B (HRB), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HS), Leeb(HL) with Conversion to U.T.S.

Hardness TesterElektroPhysik

                 Porosity Detection

For Insulation Coatings  of enamel, epoxy or plastic coatings on metals such as Oil, Gas or Water Pipes, Linings of Tubes, Vessels or Storage Tanks.

Porosity DetectionElektroPhysik

                 Colour Measurement

Colourimeter with External Probe and Spring loaded Small Probe Head. Automatic / Trigger Start,  with 1000 Colour Reading Memory and Data Processing Software.

Colour MeasurementElektroPhysikHardness Hardness TesterElektroPhysik Porosity DetectorElektroPhysik Colour Measurement

                 Ultrasonic Wall Thickness

Fast and Accurate Wall Thickness Measurement  of Metalic and Non Metatic materials with 5 Preset Sound Velocities, and 10 reading  storage of Robust Design.

ElektroPhysik Ultrasonic Wall Thickness TesterElektroPhysik

                 Coating Thickness Gauge

Measure most Electroplated Coating/ Base Combinations and also suitable for extremely thin coatings of 0.05 microns.

Coating Thickness TesterElektroPhysik

Low Cost but accurate Measurement of Paint thicknesses on steel using the magnetic Attraction Principle, for quick go / no go Quality Assessment.

Mini Pen Thickness TesterElektroPhysik

Precision Ultrasonic Micrometer with Dual Element Transducer measuring Various Materials from 0.63 to 500 mm ( 0.025 - 19.99 inches), with Data Logger.

ElektroPhysik MiniTest Precision Ultrasonic Thickness TesterElektroPhysik ElektroPhysik Ultrasonic Wall Thickness TesterElektroPhysik Coating Thickness GaugeElektroPhysik Mini Pen Paint Thickness TesterElektroPhysik MiniTest Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Tester


Roughness tester :  Ra: 0.05  to 15 microns, Rz: 0.1 to

50 microns, On Flat or Convex Material.  Small Size. Ideal for Inspection Department and Quality Control.


Roughness TesterElektroPhysikElektroPhysik Roughness Tester

                 MiniTest Coating Thickness

Coating Thickness Measurements on Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials with accurate and repeatable results with the use of new technology with Digital Precision.

Coating Thickness TesterElektroPhysik
ElectroPhysik Coating Thickness Tester

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QuintSonic 7. Up to 5 Layer Ultrasonic Thickness Tester for paints, Plastics, Metal, Wood, Glass, Ceramics, also GRP and CRP components. 10um(micrometers) to 7mm.

ElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness Tester
ElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness TesterElektroPhysik QuintSonic 7 Multiple Layer Thickness Tester30th anniversay of Test and Measurement Instruments c.c.

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FLIR E4 Thermal Camera
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