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Brand Names

          CK 1985/007464/23

“Tomorrow’s Instruments Today”  —  “For Good Measure” ®

TMI, Established—1982

TMI Tester

English, Afrikaans and Portuguese   Speaking

Master/Visa Credit Cards

E - Learning

E - Learning

Interactive Software.

Curriculum and learning Materials

All of the teaching products are supplied with full curriculum material. Feedback also offers Discovery Interactive Software, with standards based content and the Discovery Lab Manager web-based delivery system.

Paper-based Curriculum Material

Full curriculum material is supplied with each product, including:

· Underlying theory

· Illustrative graphics

· Practical assignment guidance

· Questions

· Real-world applications and examples Curriculum manuals are supplied as printable PDF files on CD for easy printing. Hardcopy manuals are also available.


Software is available to complement the educational value of the hardware and printable curriculum. It offers the following features to provide an interactive balance of PC-based learning and practical tasks:

· Easy navigation

· User-friendly content

· Interactive graphics

· Question sets: multiple choice + free-form questions

· Virtual Instrumentation on the PC screen

· Standard web and browser technology


This integrated suite of browser-based laboratory assignments covers the following areas:

· Electrotechnology, Analogue & Digital Electronics

· Control and Instrumentation

· Process Control

· Analogue & Digital Communications

· Antenna Systems

· Telephony

· Electrical Power and Machines

Basic Electricity TrainingElectricity TrainingElectrical Technology Training

Theory Page

Patching and Configuration Information.

Practical questions are multiple choice + free-form. This example shows virtual Instrumentation.

Software—Virtual Instrumentation

Technology Training

Virtual instrumentation software gathers on-board circuit data and provides a valuable on-screen display that represents a cost and space-saving alternative to the conventional test and measurement instrumentation. Virtual instrumentation supports:

· 2-channel 100 MS/s oscilloscope

· Digital voltmeter (rms and dc)

· 25 MHz spectrum analyser

· 20 MHz frequency meter

· X-Y plotter

Software for Training

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